If you want to set up a bat house, you can buy them from some retailers or build them yourself (Setting up a bat house).

Classic (or BCI)

This model, initially developed by Bat Conservation International (BCI), is one of the most commonly used in North America. It has a rectangular shape, an open bottom and one or many lateral chamber(s). Made with plywood, this model is cheap and easy to build. Dimensions: medium size.

Single chamber classic
Four chambers classic (from Brittingham & Williams 2000)
Four chambers classic, pole mounting

Similar to the classic model, the FCF model usually has four lateral chambers. It has a rectangular or a square shape. To help to preserve the heat during the night, it includes a removable partial floor reducing the opening through which bats enter. Dimensions: medium size.

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Vincent Pro

Similar to the classic model, but with frontal chambers. Build from the well-tested design from the Nature Vincent Wildlife Trust Conservation center in England, this model is similar to the classic model, but with frontal chambers. Dimensions: medium size.


Its name comes from its long and rocket-like shape. It is usually used on a pole that goes in the middle of the bat house. The chamber is distributed all around the pole on the four bat house sides. The rocket model can have one or many chambers. Dimensions: medium-large size.

Two chambers rocket (From Tuttle & al. 2013)
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This model is commonly used in Europe and is generally made of fibrociment, a mix of wood fibres and cement. It can have a rectangular or a cylindrical shape, with an entrance at the front or at the bottom. Dimensions: from small to large size.

Schwegler (From Ruegger 2016)
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An integrated bat house is a bat house that is part of the building structure. The entrance can be by the roof or on one side of the building. The bat house can be partially or completely in the building, but with no access to the rest of the building. This type of bat house generally gets better heat retention. Dimensions: medium to large size.

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The condo model is a large-scale construction that can accommodate several thousand individuals. Its large volume generally provides a great heat retention. More expensive and complex to build and install, this type of bat house is more often used by environmental organizations as a conservation tool.

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Bat house plans

There are many possible designs for bat houses. To increase the chances that your bat house will be occupied, consult the following page "Setting up a bat house" in order to position the house in the best place possible. Detailed bat house construction plan:

To learn more about recent research on improving thermal performances of bat houses in cold climates et the Ncube PH1 model, click here (lien).