We are asking for the participation of citizens to help monitor bats

In 2006, a Eurasian fungus that causes white-nose syndrome (WNS) in bats was introduced into North America. This disease has killed millions of hibernating bats and it is causing the most drastic decline of a group of mammals that has ever been observed. The Canadian Government has listed little brown (Myotis lucifugus), northern long-eared bats (Myotis septentrionalis), and tri-colored bats (Perimyotis subflavus) as endangered species. The population crash of bats may have serious negative consequences for the structure of ecosystems and the agricultural and forestry sectors because bats are important consumers of night-flying insects.

In light of the threats facing bats, it is critically important to monitor bat populations. We are asking for your help!

To participate, you first need to register on our website (Register Tab).
Then, use your registration details to Log in (Log in Tab).
Once you have Logged In, you can help monitor bats in four different ways:

  1. Add the location of a bat house you have recently installed (click here).
  2. Add the location of a maternity colony occupying a bat house or human structure (click here).
  3. Add a count of the number of bats occupying a maternity colony you reported (click here).
  4. Report a bat sighting (e.g. bat roosting in a patio umbrella) (click here).

This website is a collaborative effort among researchers in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Yukon.

Be careful!

Bats can be easily observed, but please do not touch them because like many other wild mammals, they may carry rabies. If you come into contact with a bat, call the number associated with your province or territory: in Quebec: Info-Santé - 8-1-1, in Ontario: TeleHealth - 1-866-797-0000, in Manitoba: Health links - 1-888-315-9257, in Alberta Link - 8-1-1 (or 1-866-408-5465), in Saskatchewan 8-1-1, and in the Yukon 8-1-1.

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